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Hurt/Comfort Recommendations

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Name:Hurt/Comfort Recommendations
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Have you come across a great h/c piece and you'd love to share it with others who would appreciate it? Then this is the place. It's a community for sharing recommendations (recs) of hurt/comfort (h/c) pieces of fanart, fiction, fanvids, etc.

1. This community is for recs only. Inappropriate or off-topic posts of any sort will be deleted.
2. Recing/pimping your own piece or your own related community/archive/site is allowed but limited to 1 post a month per person
3. One h/c piece, one post. If you have multiple pieces to recommend, make one post per piece.
4. If you're providing spoilers or a long review, place that under a cut
5. No spamming. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

Posting a rec!
Please include as much information as possible about a piece. We suggest copy & pasting this form and filling in the info:
Type of h/c: (illness, injury, angst, abuse, etc.)
Warnings: (character death, vomiting, rape/non-con, mpreg, kinks, etc.)
Direct link to piece:
Your thoughts/reasons why people should look at it: (if you are including spoilers, PLEASE say so at the beginning of your review AND place the review under a cut. Otherwise, don't spoil the fun for everyone by giving away critical details)

This is a rec community only!
If you have h/c fic you'd like to post, please do so on our wonderful affiliate community:
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