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Okay, so I checked with our Fearless Leader about this, since there is h/c throughout the series and some of it doesn't make sense unless you've read the rest of the series, and got the go-ahead to post the series as one piece. I'm going to start with general info for the series and then put little blurbs about the individual stories with hurty/comforty goodness under a cut to save people's flists.

Type of h/c: Lots of emotional hurt/comfort and angst throughout. Physical injury at points. Illness in one story.
Title: Nick/Connor Series
Author: [livejournal.com profile] telperion_15
Rating: Various, anywhere from K+/PG13 to MA/NC17 (She uses MPAA ratings here, and the ARC uses the Fiction Ratings system. I've listed both for all fics reviewed.)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Nick/Connor
Warnings: At various parts in the series (at the time of this post) - attempted dub-con, canon character death
Direct link to piece: Series is located here on LJ (you'll need to scroll down a bit 'til you get to the Nick/Connor Series) or here on the ARC.
Your thoughts/reasons why people should look at it: Extremely well-written series starting from the beginning of the second series (ep. 7 if you watched it as one season like they aired it on BBCA) and following the two men's growing relationship through the second series and beyond. Yes, there are spoilers for the first two series of the show (all that's aired as of the time of this post). Telperion_15 does an excellent job with characterization, as well as plots in the more adventure-type fics and pure fluffiness in the slice of life snippets. She also hits every one of my hurty/comforty happybuttons: the two men supporting each other through all of the emotional upheaval of the second series, Connor!whumpage and Nick taking such good care of him, and the one illness story made me ALL KINDS of happy! Please note that this series seems to be ongoing (a new piece was posted a few weeks ago), but each individual story that has been posted so far is complete. Also, in addition to the regular characters from the series, some fanon OCs in the form of the Special Forces guys show up at various points.

Series details under here. There will be spoilers, major for the TV series and minor for the stories (in that discussion of the later stories may give away things about the earlier ones). )


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