Oct. 11th, 2011

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Type of h/c: illness
Title: A Bamf Too Many
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: R for nudity and sexual content
Fandom: X-Men
Pairing: Kurt, Hank/Bobby, Surprise, Ensemble
Warnings: Het, Slash, Warped Humor, Masturbation
Direct link to piece: http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewstory.php?sid=42560
Your thoughts: If you've seen the e-mail of X-Men: Evolution where Kurt (Nightcrawler) 'ports every time he sneezes, you'll buy into this concept easily. Instead of bamfing to school, however, he winds up in much more compromised situations... for the other X-Men, at least. He teleports into bathrooms and into rooms where lovers are passionately at it. Awkward! I enjoyed watching everyone's reactions and I liked seeing his sneezes, certainly, especially when he tries not to. Poor fuzzy blue elf. Luckily, it's another furry blue X-Man to the rescue :-)
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Type of h/c: illness, angst
Title: Old Enough 2: The Flu Blues
Author: Anne Higgins
Rating: FRAO (Adult)
Fandom: Batman
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Warnings: Slash. Dick is 16 and Bruce's ward. IOW, UNDERAGE fic.
Direct link to piece: http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/viewstory.php?sid=30585
Your thoughts: Dick's moody, recovering from the flu and feeling insecure. I don't usually read underage fics, but I stumbled upon this one and was charmed by it. I love how Dick feels all sick and unloved by the one person he wants looking after him. It dances around Batman & Robin's relationship as well as Bruce & Dick's relationship. And even though Dick spends the entire fic feeling completely miserable (including complaining and acting out for attention), it ends in a most satisfying way. But DEFINITELY read the warning here.


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