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Okay, so I checked with our Fearless Leader about this, since there is h/c throughout the series and some of it doesn't make sense unless you've read the rest of the series, and got the go-ahead to post the series as one piece. I'm going to start with general info for the series and then put little blurbs about the individual stories with hurty/comforty goodness under a cut to save people's flists.

Type of h/c: Lots of emotional hurt/comfort and angst throughout. Physical injury at points. Illness in one story.
Title: Nick/Connor Series
Author: [livejournal.com profile] telperion_15
Rating: Various, anywhere from K+/PG13 to MA/NC17 (She uses MPAA ratings here, and the ARC uses the Fiction Ratings system. I've listed both for all fics reviewed.)
Fandom: Primeval
Pairing: Nick/Connor
Warnings: At various parts in the series (at the time of this post) - attempted dub-con, canon character death
Direct link to piece: Series is located here on LJ (you'll need to scroll down a bit 'til you get to the Nick/Connor Series) or here on the ARC.
Your thoughts/reasons why people should look at it: Extremely well-written series starting from the beginning of the second series (ep. 7 if you watched it as one season like they aired it on BBCA) and following the two men's growing relationship through the second series and beyond. Yes, there are spoilers for the first two series of the show (all that's aired as of the time of this post). Telperion_15 does an excellent job with characterization, as well as plots in the more adventure-type fics and pure fluffiness in the slice of life snippets. She also hits every one of my hurty/comforty happybuttons: the two men supporting each other through all of the emotional upheaval of the second series, Connor!whumpage and Nick taking such good care of him, and the one illness story made me ALL KINDS of happy! Please note that this series seems to be ongoing (a new piece was posted a few weeks ago), but each individual story that has been posted so far is complete. Also, in addition to the regular characters from the series, some fanon OCs in the form of the Special Forces guys show up at various points.

Series details under here. There will be spoilers, major for the TV series and minor for the stories (in that discussion of the later stories may give away things about the earlier ones). Please note that I only talk about the hurty/comforty parts here, although I personally adore the entire series so far and would say that it's all definitely worth reading. The numbering for the stories is accurate as of the time of posting.

First in the series: Learning Curve (M/R)This story follows the boys through the second series, from Nick trying to deal with his sudden move into a timeline that isn't his, what Nick sees as Stephen's betrayal, and Stephen's sacrifice. Lots of angst here. She does a wonderful job of writing their budding relationship, and showing how it builds from a mentoring relationship to a romantic one, and of writing it around the hints of Connor/Abby that we've seen in canon. WARNING: This part contains a scene involving dubious consent. It gets stopped before it gets very far, but I do want to warn potential readers in case it hits any triggers. This would also be where the canon character death from the end of series 2 takes place.

Second in the series: Conflict Resolution (T/PG-13) This would be the resolution of that dub-con scene. I think Telperion_15 treats it very well given what happened and the characters' personalities. More angst in this one.

Fourth in the series: Without A Paddle (K+/PG) Injury in the form of some Connor!whumping. He does injured so well! This one has quite a bit of plot to it, anomaly with big bad creatures coming through. Starts out with Connor having already gotten injured by being in the wrong place near one of a pair of spooked Triceratops as the whole gang was trying to herd it back through the anomaly, and it just gets worse for him.

Fifth in the Series: Beck and Call (K+/PG) The comfort part to Without A Paddle. Nick said he was going to make sure that Connor got sufficient rest to heal up, and let me just say that if I had a Nick to wait on me hand and foot when I was sick or injured, I'd be a very happy FannishButterfly indeed!

Sixth in the Series: Times Four (K+/PG) This is the first fic I found in the series, discovered when I was searching everywhere for Primeval cold/illness fics. It's just a short little snippet, but...GUH! I can't say more about the GUH! without spoiling the fic, so just...GUH!!!!! Nick has a really bad head cold, Connor's still recovering from his injuries sustained during Without A Paddle, and Connor tries to keep Nick from pushing himself to work when he should be taking care of himself and resting.

Eighth in the Series: The World Shines For Me Today (M/R) At the end of series 2, Helen makes a comment about bringing Stephen back. Well, this is where she does it. And this Stephen had NOT had a good time of things in the timeline he'd come from. Nick has a very hard time dealing with Stephen's presence even as he wants to try to repair their relationship like he hadn't managed with this timeline's Stephen. Quite a bit of angst here.

Eleventh in the Series: Inside Men (T/PG-13) Helen comes back and brings her army of clones with her. They try to take over the ARC but no one can quite figure out why. Abby gets injured in the initial takeover (takes place off-screen prior to the story beginning). This one's more of an adventure story, but Connor trying to take care of Abby in the middle of this siege with one of The Cleaners hovering over them is quite amusing (he's more hover-y than Nick was in Beck and Call).


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